Use your Existing Security System

Are you among the thousands who own a home that used to have a working security system that is no longer active? Protect your family and property while leveraging your current investment. Our technicians can test the equipments and let you know if it is still works correctly and what components if any need to be repaired or replaced. Aside from providing the best Security in Central Texas, we strive to save you as much money as possible by utilizing the system you already have in place whenever possible.

All Star Security can also work with your existing system by adding modern components that allows you to take full advantage of your pre-wired security system. Our wireless security upgrades are very popular in Texas.

Identifying your Existing Security System

You can match your system to one the images below, or call use at (512) 577-5052 for assistance. The four pads below are the models we run into most frequently in Texas. All Star Technicians are trained to work on a long list of devices, so if yours is not one of the most common ones, continue scrolling down to the Additional Keypad Models section below.

Image of 2Gig Go Control
2Gig Go Control

2GIG sets the standard for exceptional performance that delivers true peace of mind. It features eSeries encrypted compatibility and a larger capacitive touch screen.

Image of DSC Powerseries Older Models
DSC Powerseries Older Models

We have many clients that use the older DCS models. These pads can provide decades of faithful service, and can be brought online by our technicians.

Image of DSC Powerseries
DSC Powerseries

PowerSeries high-quality, slim-profile keypads achieve a clean, unobtrusive look that homeowners welcome. Great design allows for easy programming and installation.

Image of GE Concord 4 keypad
GE Concord 4 keypad

The Concord 4 alarm control panel comes with (8) hardwired zone inputs, including a 2-wire smoke detector loop that can handle up to (20) smoke detectors.

Image of Honeywell Vista 6150
Honeywell Vista 6150

The 6150 alarm keypad can be used for security system control, user notifications, or activating keypad panics. Easy access to commonly used functions using 4 programmable buttons.

We offer basic monitoring for existing systems at $14.99 a month with no contracts to sign.

WE CAN HELP  (512) 577-5052

Additional Keypad Models

Here are some more of the keypads we see encounter in Texas homes. Our All Star Security technicians are trained to work with all the models you see here and many more. If we can get your existing security system to work, All Star Security technicians will be able to reprogram it, upgrade componenets you would like to upgrade, and activate the system with state of the art monitoring service.

Image of Ademco Honeywell Lynx

Ademco Honeywell Lynx

Image of Ademco Vista 10SE

Ademco Vista 10SE

Image of Concord


Image of DSC 1500 FAP

DSC 1500 FAP

Image of DSC Impassa

DSC Impassa

Image of DSC NEO PowerG


Image of DSC Powerseries LED

DSC Powerseries LED

Image of DSC Powerseries Older LED

DSC Powerseries Older LED

Image of DSC Touchscreen

DSC Touchscreen

Image of GoControl 3

GoControl 3

Image of Honeywell Tuxedo

Honeywell Tuxedo

Image of Honeywell Vista 6160

Honeywell Vista 6160

Image of Lynx Touch 5100

Lynx Touch 5100

Image of Lynx Touch 5200

Lynx Touch 5200

Image of Moose Z1100 LCD

Moose Z1100 LCD

Image of Moose Z1100 LED

Moose Z1100 LED

Image of Moose Z880

Moose Z880

Image of Moose Z900

Moose Z900

Image of NetworX LED 108e

NetworX LED 108e

Image of NetworX LED

NetworX LED

Image of NetworX NX148e

NetworX NX148e

Image of Qolsys/DSC Touch

Qolsys/DSC Touch

Image of Qolsys IQ2

Qolsys IQ2

Image of Simon 3

Simon 3

Image of Simon XT (older)

Simon XT (older)

Image of Simon XT

Simon XT

Image of Simon XTi

Simon XTi

Even if your system is not pictured here, we will still come out, at no charge, and take a look at what you have. An All Star licensed technician will let you know if it is compatible. We want to make sure that when we add new components to your existing system to make it a hybrid that it integrates well with your existing one. Existing systems perform more effectively when we use the best components, and everything works seamlessly together.