Home Burglar

Fear? Not if you use All Security Systems Home Security Services!

A home invasion is an invasion of privacy. A burglary is not just a stranger coming in to steal, it is also an invasion into your personal space which leaves lasting effects on all who live in the home.

An alarm or security system is not just a deterrent for burglars, it is one less thing to stress over in this difficult time. If you own a home, the best way to protect your home and family is to install a home security system. Renters should inquire if there is a security system in place and if you don’t feel safe in your rental property ask if you can install a security system or what can be done within reason.

Innovations in home security systems have made them easily customizable. The wireless and cellular technology they now offer gives you the freedom to monitor your home from anywhere through the use of video cameras, alerts, and mobile apps.

We, at All Star Security, recently had an incredible experience installing a Quolsys I Q2 +7 inch touchscreen panel with built-in glass break and keypad in the Greenlawn Village community of Pflugerville, TX. This beautiful KB home in Greenlawn Village was prewired for door sensors, motion sensors, and siren which made installation faster and easier

Our technicians installed the IQ Panel 2+ panel which integrates smart home services, powered by Alarm.com which is reliable and easy to use and control across a broad range of connected devices through a single mobile app. This model also included a glass break detection system. In addition, we also added a sky bell doorbell camera and backyard outdoor Alarm.com 723W camera for the homeowners. Lastly the other great thing about using the Qolsys IQ2+ Panel for our homeowner is that the 7" touchscreen runs on an Android operating system and has everything you need to be built into a single platform.

We were happy to service this home and family because it gave them a sense of peace and eliminated a tremendous stress factor for them.

Among the variety of security systems we offer, such as the Quolsys I Q2 + , our security systems not only protect you when you are in your home, but it helps keep you updated on the status of your window security if you are away.

When you partner with a reputable security company such as All Star Security that offers estimates, installation, and monitoring, your benefits change. Homeowners and renters alike begin to feel safer, less stressed and the overall block by the home with the security system may begin to see less crime.

Give us a call at All Star Security, we will provide you with information, quotes, and if a security system is right for you.