Swedish Auto Service

How The Swedish Solved Security Concerns with All Star Security Systems

When your small business is growing, you need to protect it. That is precisely what Swedish auto service did.

Swedish Auto Service had an existing commercial security system, but it was out of date. Our trained technicians at All Star Security went in and reprogramed their current system, a DSC 1616, which saved them money. We upgraded their system by adding our best wireless glass breakage sensor. The sound of broken glass activates our glass sensor, and with the dual-shatter recognition technology, there is no false alarm. We installed Wireless motion sensors in and around the premises that can detect body heat and are pet friendly, preventing the sensor from going off if a cat or dog happens to walk around.

For this particular client, we used our partner for the DSC SEM. This System Enhanced Module (SEM) panel enables wireless reporting of alarms to their Verizon LTE cellular communicator. Our clients needed to have awareness and control from anywhere. This system will grow with them as their business expands into multiple locations.

Regardless of where your business is located, we at All Star Security can provide a cost-effective solution for your business. We can install 24-hour security cameras, monitoring services, or automated locks, all with access control.