Chisholm Crossing Round Rock

Intruders,Thieves, and Burglars Oh My!

In the past ten years, thieves and burglars have innovated how to break in and not only take our material possessions but take our sense of safety and security.

Fortunately, home safety and security systems have seen an onslaught of new, more affordable options for protecting your indoor life.

What are the current hot trends in home security systems?

 It is wireless security systems that integrate with your smart devices. A simple app will allow you to stay in control and connected to your home from anywhere. A smart home system will also allow you to turn lights down or off, whether or not you are home. 

All Star Security technicians will be able to use their expertise in the field of home security, as well as on-site monitoring to guide you in retrofitting your existing home security system. 

The Chisholm Trail with Security Cameras

If the original Chisholm trail could have had security, I think they would have installed several cameras and sensors to protect the cattle drives. 

The good news is the Chisholm Crossing of Round Rock has recognized the need for security, and several families in this community have been taking advantage of the services All Star Security has to offer. 

Chisholm Crossing is a well established, quiet community. Unfortunately, crime is everywhere, even in this peaceful community.  

All Star technicians met and spoke with the homeowners, and one of the things we did to save some money was to retrofit their existing system. Our services included a new panel, cameras on three doors, wireless window contacts, and a slimline front doorbell camera. All of which was made possible with the assistance of our partners

Our company goal is to provide security services for a lower price and better customer service than the big names in the industry.

 If obtaining a home security system is something you are seriously considering, then you have to call  All Star Security.