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Multiple homes burglarized in Georgetown's Sun City community

On March 6, 2020, KVUE news reported that “five homes in Sun City Community of Georgetown” were burglarized. All five homes had similar “entry and exit methods,” and no one was present in the house during any of the burglaries. The report stated that “all burglarized homes back up to a golf cart path,” and it appears the suspects made their way between the homes by using the back of the back entrance of the homes located on the golf course.

While it is never your fault that your home gets burglarized, there are steps you can take to keep your home and family secure. We all want to know how to protect our most precious assets.  

If you live in a golf community, we suggest installing wireless motion sensors that can detect body heat and image sensors that can send you a text or email message alert. Adding glass breakage sensors to windows facing the golf course is an added security. Any small path for walking or driving a golf cart is a vulnerability to your home. An indoor and or outdoor Night Vision Camera would be ideal for those walkways. 

A Smart Home Security system is truly the best protection for your home. You can customize, monitor, and manage your home security from anywhere, at any time from your mobile home.

To learn more about installations for your home, including SMART home security equipment, look us up, All Star Security.

Source: KVUE - Multiple homes burglarized in Georgetown's Sun City community