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Round Rock TX

Population  127354
Crime Rate  2%
Violent Crime  154
Property Crime  2,494

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Business & Home Security Systems Round Rock, TX

Round Rock, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and it is also recognized as one of the most livable places in the country. While the crime rates in Round Rock are a little lower than the national median, it is never a good idea to leave your property unprotected.

Regardless of whether you are a residential or commercial property owner, you should consider getting the latest Alarm Systems installed. You can never predict when a home or office invasion will take place. Statistics state that most invasions take place through open doors or windows in homes and a large percentage of these occur through back and front doors.

There is always a spike in home invasion rates during the summer months. The simple fact is that, if your home or business doesn’t have a Security System installed, you are more likely to be burglarized.

Why Get Home Security Systems Installed?

There are a number of different benefits to getting a Home Security System installed such as:

  1. It acts as a deterrent and when intruders see the CCTV cameras installed in the outdoor areas of your home, they will automatically steer clear of your property.

  2. A security system dramatically increases the potential of intruders being caught.

  3. The loud siren/horn that sounds in case a burglar or thief bypasses the system, acts as a deterrent and the intruders will flee.

  4. The alarm alerts the monitoring station, and the personnel there will immediately contact the local law enforcement.

  5. This prompt action can go a long way in protecting your possessions and family.

  6. It is also possible to incorporate flood sensors, carbon monoxide sensors as well as smoke alarms into your home security systems.

When you choose to get Home Security Cameras installed on a property, it gives you peace of mind that your home and possessions will be taken care of.

The Importance of Commercial Outdoor Security

If your Round Rock business is in a swanky new business park, a retail district, warehouse or in a strip mall, we at All Star Security can provide customized security camera & monitoring solutions. In addition, we are the experts that can provide window sensors, wireless and remote-operated commercial security alarm systems, sirens and more.

Modern-day security systems are extremely advanced and you are able to access the live security camera feed via your cell phone. The feed will also be monitored around the clock by Round Rock Home Security Companies’ operators.

While there is a definite benefit to having these installations in the outdoor areas of your property, it’s a good idea to get them installed in indoor areas as well. It can help you keep a check on all your merchandise as well as the track your employees remotely. We will also place video camera deterrent signage at strategic points on your property. This proves to be one of the most effective ways of preventing theft and vandalism.

For more information about our alarm systems Round Rock, TX, contact All Star Security today. You can contact us for a free consultation or call at (512) 577-5052.

Work With The Best in Round Rock

All Star Security is the best provider of residential and commercial security solutions in Round Rock. We bring our dedication, expertise, and high level of customer service to every installation we do. We are proud to be a veteran-owned and operated company, bringing you the best technology and service available in the area. To learn more about our installations for your home or office, including the type of equipment we sell, contact us today.

Installing a complete home security system has never been this affordable. A home security system provides you safety from outside intruders, with security cameras, window sensors, indoor motion cameras and water sensors, to detect a water leak. Did you know that according to Forbes research, a home without a security system is 3 times more likely to be targeted by thieves?

Why take that chance? Protect your home and your family by calling us, All Star Security, the best home and commercial security specialists in the Round Rock area. We know our Round Rock community and we want our neighbors to have peace of mind. Your home security system should be installed by us, the Pro’s, because knowing this was professionally done by a company that values your safety gives you peace of mind.

We at All Star Security are trained to know how to assess and detect the areas with the best viewing range,and the most vulnerable areas to break ins. Let us help you protect your most precious assets; your family.

To learn more about our installations for your home or office, including the type of equipment we sell, contact us today.

We are proud to be a veteran owned and operated company.