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Population  17225
Crime Rate  2.5%
Violent Crime  50
Property Crime  387

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In today’s modern world, we have everything from groceries to appliances delivered, at all hours of the day. Though it has made life much more convenient, it has also highlighted the need for enhanced home and office security. Quality residential or commercial security systems can help ward against theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity, all while saving you money on your insurance premiums. All Star Security offers scalable, affordable security solutions to homes and businesses looking to improve their security. Our systems are the best the industry can offer, with trusted names like GE and Honeywell. We back them up with our own careful monitoring and a high level of customer service that only a locally owned and operated company can provide.

Residential Security

At All Star Security, we offer comprehensive home security options for property owners looking to amp up their residential security. Say goodbye to stolen packages and vandalism of your property. A residential system is one of the simplest ways to deter theft and increase the likelihood of catching the perpetrator if a crime does occur. Our residential security systems come with convenient features like remote monitoring of your systems and compatibility with your smart devices. Backed by our own monitoring station that alerts authorities in case of unwanted activity, you can experience unprecedented peace of mind with our residential installations.

Smart Home Security Systems

The increasing number of devices plugged into “the Internet of Things” makes it easier than ever to keep remote tabs on your home security. A smart home security system from All Star Security provides automated access to your doors, locks, alarms, and more. All you need is an enabled smart device, and you can check in on your home’s security functions, from the office or from several states away. Smart home systems from 2GIG come with a 7” LCD touch screen that provides a constant readout of your security system’s status.

Commercial Security

Your business reflects your dedication and hard work, not to mention a significant investment of your time and money. Its security should be of paramount importance. Criminal activity such as theft, burglary, or vandalism can take a toll on your business operations and even affect customer perception of your brand. Commercial home security systems from All Star Security effectively deter criminal activity, both from inside and outside your enterprise. Remote monitoring of your employees, for example, can help ward off internal theft, while perimeter cameras discourage vandalism or other would-be crimes. Our commercial systems also work to protect your workers through fire safety mechanisms, managed access, and more. Best of all? Our solutions are perfectly suited for any size business.

Security Cameras and Surveillance

Surveillance systems from All Star Security work to provide the highest level of safety through continuous live streaming. Often, the act of having a visible surveillance camera is enough to discourage a criminal act from occurring. Our security systems are state of the art and range from analog cameras to smart IPs. We can customize a solution that works for your budget and home or business needs.

Work With The Best in Taylor

All Star Security is the best provider of residential and commercial security solutions in Taylor. We bring our dedication, expertise, and high level of customer service to every installation we do. We are proud to be a veteran-owned and operated company, bringing you the best technology and service available in the area. To learn more about our installations for your home or office, including the type of equipment we sell, contact us today.

Installing a complete home security system has never been this affordable. A home security system provides you safety from outside intruders, with security cameras, window sensors, indoor motion cameras and water sensors, to detect a water leak. Did you know that according to Forbes research, a home without a security system is 3 times more likely to be targeted by thieves?

Why take that chance? Protect your home and your family by calling us, All Star Security, the best home and commercial security specialists in the Taylor area. We know our Taylor community and we want our neighbors to have peace of mind. Your home security system should be installed by us, the Pro’s, because knowing this was professionally done by a company that values your safety gives you peace of mind.

We at All Star Security are trained to know how to assess and detect the areas with the best viewing range,and the most vulnerable areas to break ins. Let us help you protect your most precious assets; your family.

To learn more about our installations for your home or office, including the type of equipment we sell, contact us today.

We are proud to be a veteran owned and operated company.